Stuff Worth Talking About

Troll Slayers

Pwning the Pwners

  • Episode 6: Sans-Nuisance

    We discuss some comments from YouTube, including our own page and why you shouldn't be a nuisance, whether you realize you're doing it or not.

  • Episode 5: No Spoilers!

    We talk about an episode of This American Life that goes through four acts about various cases of trolls and in the spirit of Star Wars, we give our thoughts on spoilers.

  • Episode 4: Troll Swatters

    Shane's working on his grumpiness and rage, swatting is a pretty terrible thing and punctuality is on our minds.

  • Episode 3: Uncommon Courtesy

    One Star Wars fan got his dying wish, unsafe drivers aren't helping anyone and common courtesy goes a long way.

  • Episode 2: Facebook Frenemies

    Shane keeps retaliate-BMing, Internet comments are rampant and de/unfriending people hurts.

  • Episode 1: Mean Maybe

    On our first episode, Tony and Shane discuss an anti-bullying campaign, our experience with trolls in video games and "no maybes."