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  • Episode 43: Marathon Running Man

    On this episode of Wildernet, the guys talk about marathon running and the one that Shane recently ran.

  • Episode 42: Isle Desert You

    Eric and Shane are back at it! On this episode, we're talking about Eric's new bundle of joy and the five items that each of us would bring on a desert island.

  • Episode 41: Total Eclipse...Work of Art!

    Eric and Shane are back...again! Today we're talking about Shane's trip to Indiana and Nashville where he got to view the total solar eclipse.

  • Episode 40: More Like "Tailgreat"

    On our 40th episode, Eric and Shane talk about the fun they had tailgating at Miller Park.

  • Episode 39: Outdoor Bucket List

    Today, Eric and Shane talk about Deer Fest, the Wisconsin State Fair and each of our respective bucket lists for outdoor activities.

  • Episode 38: Lawn Johnson

    Today we're talking about hanging out with family, going to local fairs with live music, one of us getting a wicked bee sting and many ideas for lawn games to play, including Kubb.

  • Episode 37: Keep 'Em Clean

    On this week's Wildernet, we talk about our time at the county fair and doing some river cleanup.

  • Episode 36: Biergarten Trinken!

    On this week's episode, we talk about our time at beer gardens local to Southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Episode 35: Truck Bed Tent

    On our long-awaited return episode of Wildernet, Eric and Shane talk about some new camping equipment and their experience with a local paddle boarding business.

  • Episode 34: Double Moonbow

    Eric and Shane talk about the "year" in review, discussing the various activities from the last 33 episodes, including: camping, hunting, fishing, climbing, biking, festivals, hiking, geocaching, mountaineering, kayaking, canoeing, traveling and many more!

  • Episode 32: Firestarter

    REI is closing its doors for Black Friday and Eric & Shane tell you why you need to circle around a campfire.

  • Episode 31: Go Places...Cheap

    Today we talk about some of the amazing photography from the National Geographic Photo Contest. Our activity this week is about travelling; specifically how to go about it inexpensively.

  • Episode 28: Care to Fair

    On today's episode, Eric and Shane discuss climbing areas throughout Colorado that have places nearby to grab a beer. We also talk about our experience with fairs.

  • Episode 25: Not Just a Travel Company

    On this Eric-less episode of Wildernet, Shane does his first solo show ever, talks about a place you can watch outdoor movies this summer and the fun that was had with kayaking.

  • Episode 24: VOLL-E

    On this episode of Wildernet, Eric and Shane talk about the various outdoor activities they've been up to lately, outdoor dining locations in the Chicago area and Shane's experience with beach volleyball.

  • Episode 23: It's a Trap Shoot

    On today's episode, Eric and Shane talk about their experience with trap shooting, the other types of clay pigeon shooting and some tips that we could have used before going out. We also talk about a different and somewhat out-there form of rock climbing.

  • Episode 21: Shoe Snow, Don't Bother Me

    Today, Eric & Shane's activity of the week is snowshoeing. In addition, we talk about the most rugged speaker on the market.

  • Episode 19: Keep it Cool

    After another lengthy absence, we're back at it, discussing the importance of keeping calm in the outdoors. For our Word in the Woods segment, we talk about how Volvo is developing a wireless technology to communicate between vehicles and bike helmets and ways to prevent excusing yourself from running in cold weather.

  • Episode 18: Bill Discgolferson

    On this week's episode, we talk disc golf with our friend Bill and the Wisconsin deer bow and crossbow season kicking off.

  • Episode 14: Let's Start a Conservation

    Special guest Harry Mattox of the Safari Club International Wisconsin Chapter joins us to discuss hunting and its important role in wildlife conservation. We also talk about the big changes coming to Wisconsin hunting and touch a bit more on sheds.

  • Episode 13: The Good Kind of Shedding

    On this episode, we talk shed hunting, the 30X30 Challenge and briefly discuss our trip to Nicaragua.

  • Episode 12: Fishing Through the Ice

    After a long time off, we talk ice fishing, what you need, how to stay warm, the different types and fishing stories. We also see what's to look forward to in the forecast.

  • Episode 11: Apple-Jacked

    We discuss our trip to The Elegant Farmer to pick apples and other activities to do there. Parks are open, deer are moving and fish are biting, so get outside!

  • Episode 9: The Seasons They Are a Changin'

    This episode, we talk geocaching, the Fall Color Report and a great place to read about fall events & activities.

  • Episode 8: Not in a Tree with Carrie Z

    On this episode, we talk bowhunting with our very special guest Carrie Zylka, of the Wild World of CarrieZ Hunting and Fishing Podcast.

  • Episode 7: Why Hike When You Can Bike?

    This week we talk mountain biking with special guest and expert Leif Byrge-Liebig.

  • Episode 6: Bewildering Blueberries

    We discuss our canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, some of the fun things we saw along the way, camping in general and some listener feedback.

  • Episode 5: Cute Bunnies & Smelly Cows

    This week we talk festivals, getting lost in the woods, solar-powered batteries and lots of listener feedback.

  • Episode 4: Shane's Best Friend is Forrest Gump

    Today we talk about the benefits of being outdoors on your eyes, lobbying to keep hunting alive, advantages of running and how to go about getting out. We also get to hear from the School of Wilderness Medicine and Survival.

  • Episode 3: Our Mascot is Sasquatch

    We talk National Get Outdoors Month, a turtle tragedy, the Outdoor Report and fishing. We also get a guest call-in and some critiquing.

  • Episode 2: Kickin' it Outdoor with Macklemore

    On episode 2, we talk about National Get Outdoors Day, hip hop artists that support nature conservation and apps that save lives outside.

  • Episode 1: Canoeing with Kevin Bacon

    On our first episode, Shane & Eric discuss banning social media and canoeing in the Boundary Waters.